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One of our most popular modules for APIS and as a stand alone system

APISaudit was built on the APIS platform and takes full advantage of existing data analysis tools, applying them to the audit function and process. The result is an online application available to all locations to input audit and survey data, provide scoring and prepare reports for feedback and review. Corporate review of this data will also provide analysis and support to drive the audit program, focus audit strategy, determine areas of concern, assess technology needs and evaluate overall company performance.

APISaudit provides tools to create audit templates on the fly that can be saved and distributed electronically to all stores for completion. All results are calculated and managed online to provide reports for analysis and compliance.  APISaudit allows you to assign single audits or groups of audits to specific users and locations, specify deadlines and systematically track both audit activity and inactivity to truly mange your entire program.

APISaudit - Online Audit Reporting and Data Analysis is designed to:

  • Improve efficiency of auditors
  • Increase effectiveness of the audit process
  • Enhance communication of audit results / action plan
  • Ensure consistency
  • Increase awareness
  • Expedite response to audit points
  • Impact shrink performance
  • Provide flexibility with offline entry, PC, PDA and Tablet PC support

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